3 Bill-Splitting Apps That Can Save You From Cheapskate Friends

Okay, so you just got finished eating dinner with your friends at a local restaurant. You got a burger and a beer, Ron got a steak and a soda and Jenny got a side salad and three vodka cranberries (it’s been a rough week, and she’s on a diet). The waitress sets the check down on the table, and to your horror you find that you forgot to ask her to split the bill. Now what do you do?

The answer is simple – you let your smart phone figure it out. Recently, a number of developers have released apps designed to help you split a bill among a group. These apps are simple and intuitive, and they’ll help you put an end to arguments about who ended up paying for that one cheapskate’s dinner. Here are three we think you should check out.

1)    Billr. Billr, pronounced “biller,” is the newest check-splitting app to hit the iPhone and Android marketplaces. Designed by self-proclaimed “broke college students,” Billr features a beautiful interface that allows you to assign individual dishes to members of your group. Simply choose the size of your group, enter their dishes into the categorized menu and let the app handle the rest. It will figure out the tip and the tax for everyone, so all you need to do is collect the cash and then go merrily on your way.

2)    Receipt Ninja. Receipt Ninja, by Serene Wireless, is a full-service splitting app that can help you keep track of all sorts of expenses, especially those incurred while traveling with friends. The app allows you to split any bill among different groups and subgroups of people. You can track receipts with pictures and mark down who paid for what and who owes whom money. At the end of your trip, Receipt Ninja can convert your expense report into an Excel file that it will send to your friends through Email, Google Drive or DropBox. Some users may find the suite of features overwhelming, but as far as in-depth expense tracking software goes, you won’t find anything better on the market.

3)    SpotMe. Do you often find yourself covering your friend’s dinner bill? If so, then SpotMe is the app for you. This handy little program gives you an easy way to track the money that you lend and borrow. You can split bills, itemize expenses and set reminders for when you need to pay up or collect. With SpotMe, you’ll never again quarrel with your roommate over how much he owes you for utilities. Our only complaint is that it wasn’t invented until after we graduated college, because this one definitely would have come in handy.

Don’t let bill-splitting complications spoil an evening out with your friends. Download one of these apps today and you’ll always know out who owes who, and for how much. They’re cheap, they’re easy to use, and they’re awesome – and that’s pretty much all we have to say about that.

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  1. According to the credit card legends, Frank McNamara thought up of the idea in 1949 when he went out to dinner and forgot his wallet. The rest is history. Today, you can pretty much forget your wallet anywhere you go. That is as long as you have that little piece of plastic in your pocket.

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