3 Peculiar Credit Card Thieves and Their Strange Schemes

When you’re shopping online, do you ever feel a twinge of anxiety when it’s time to click the checkout button? Do you sometimes worry that a shady cashier might steal your pin number and book flights to the other side of the world in your name?

Credit card thieves lurk all around us, but they aren’t always hackers and Kenyan princes. Sometimes, they’re much, much weirder than that. Thieves stake out restrooms and crawl through darkened movie theaters like rats. Not to increase your unease over identity theft or anything, but here are a few twisted tales about credit card thieves that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

  • Restroom Robbers. An innocent old lady pulls over at an interstate rest stop to use the facilities and freshen up her face. A vaguely defined employee – some sort of janitor or groundskeeper, maybe – greets her with a smile and a kind hello and escorts her into the building.As she does her business, she gets caught up in a cordial conversation with the employee, who now seems to be playing the role of “restroom attendant.” The sham worker’s accomplice then reaches over the stall’s partition, swipes the little old lady’s purse from the top of the toilet, removes her cards and replaces the wallet.This works out well for the thieves, so they keep doing it. After purchasing around  $16,000in gift cards and a couple of mink coats, they’re caught, and the courts expose their strange spending habits.Here’s a friendly reminder for readers. Keep your crap in sight and off the floor when you do your duty. And for goodness sake, please wash your hands, too.
  • “Enjoy These Flowers”– Love, The Guy Who Stole Your Wallet. A Rhode Island woman received flowers in the mail a few weeks after she found out that someone had charged$2,500 to her Bank of America credit card. Mockingly, the card with the flowers read, “thnx for ur money.”Seriously, thieves. Don’t be so cruel. Next time, send a box of chocolates to your victim. At least she’ll be able to enjoy them. The roses will just rot like her credit score.
  • Theater Creeps Will Steal Your Cards. You think that’s your date playing footsie? Think again. In Hartford, CT, 49-year-old Anthony Johnson – also known as “Hustlin’ Tone” – stole as much as $70,000 by lurking under the seats of innocent moviegoers and stealing credit cards from women’s pocketbooks.
    Johnson and his partners attended movies starring Julia Roberts, as well as “Twilight Eclipse” because, they figured, there’d be a lot of women there. Said one of Johnson’s accomplices: “He said these were million-dollar movies.”The moral of this story is clear. When you go to the movies, put your purse on the seat next to you, where you can see it. In public places, don’t let your handbag out of your sight.

While you’re more likely to lose your identity via electronic theft, credit card thieves play the game in many different arenas. They’re out there right now, waiting on tables and manning gas station registers. They’re also apparently crawling beneath seats and tables, talking to you while you pee, lurking in your closets, biding time beneath your bed and possibly standing inside video rental kiosks, just waiting.

By the way, that guy reading this blog over your shoulder right now – is that your husband?