Arrests Made in TJX Scandal

If you have been keeping up with the TJX controversy, you might be interested to know that six people from Florida have been charged for their role in the crime ring.  Unfortunately, the people being charged are not believed to be the actual hackers.  But, hopefully, it will help get the law enforcement agencies one step closer to closing out this case.

The crooks that were arrested are no small time thieves, however.  In fact, the group has been charged with purchasing up to one million dollars worth of goods with other people’s account information.  It seems that they purchased gift cards from a variety of different Wal-Mart stores throughout the northern Florida area.  Then, they used these gift cards in Miami in order to purchase a large amount of jewelry and electronics from a number of different Sam’s Club stores – now, that is true loyalty to Wal-Mart.

According to law officials, the six thieves are believed to have purchased the card numbers from someone and then turned around to use them for their own gain.  Whether or not these people purchased them from the hackers or were just another link in this crime chain has not been disclosed.

Ever since TJX announced the security breach in January, the company has been the center of a great deal of attention in the credit card world.  Those who used their credit cards at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, or other stores owned by TJX found themselves at risk for having the account information compromised by the thieves.  In all likelihood, it will take months or even years before everyone involved in this massive scandal is brought to justice.

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