Australian Couple Sentenced for Fraudulent Card Payment Glitch

BRISBANE, Australia- Some things are just too good to be true. That is exactly what happened to David and Deborah Palmer. The couple first applied for a credit card in May 2002 so that David Palmer could start his own lawn mowing business.  When the couple went to the bank to pay the balance on the card, a teller told them only $375 was outstanding. The Palmers told the teller that it could not be right, but the teller disagreed and stated, “computers don’t lie”. The Palmers believed it was a computer glitch, but did nothing else to fix the problem.

For the next six years, the Palmers were able to charge thousands of dollars on their credit card only to have it paid off by someone else. By 2008, they had charged $313,000 and had exceeded their credit limit almost 50 times.  Also in 2008, the owners of Palmer Steel Trading conducted an internal audit and found monthly payments were being made from the business’s account. Police searched the Palmer home and they admitted they knew someone else was paying off their credit card.

The couple was sentenced to four years in prison, but the judge ordered their sentence to be suspended.