Babysitters Can Now Accept Credit Cards Thanks to SittingAround

Babysitting has sure changed a lot in the last decade or two. To find a sitter, most people would ask one of the neighborhood kids and negotiate a price. It wasn’t always the most ideal way, but it worked out. Now, finding a babysitter, along with seemingly everything else, has gone digital. is a website that allows parents to find a local sitter and to rate them as well. Babysitters are able to sign up for an account and advertise their services.

The website has been around for a while, but it is now providing free Square credit card readers to those who sign up as sitters. This also allows the sitters to advertise whether they accept credit cards or not. This will save many parents from making a run to the ATM on their way back home after a night out. SittingAround also plans on adding even more payment options through a mobile app.