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AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card

The following AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card is a balance transfer credit card that features a low 0% introductory APR on balance transfers. Search and compare balance transfer credit cards and apply online for the AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card.

AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card
  • Up To 10% Savings for the First 12 Months on AT&T Purchases*
  • 0% APR* on Balance Transfers for Up to 12 Months*
  • No Annual Fee*
  • Plus AT&T Calling Benefits: Up To 30 Free Phone Minutes Each Month; 2 Free Directory Assistance Inquiries Per Month and Other Wireless Benefits*
Introductory Period Info
Regular APR
Annual Fee
Credit Needed
0% on Balance Transfers*
As low as 7.24%*
See Site for Details*
Good Credit*

Editor's Review: The AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card, which is issued by Citibank, is a balance transfer credit card that is perfect for individuals with very good credit. It also offers many excellent benefits that are commonly associated with platinum card status.

Those looking for a great balance transfer credit card need look no further than the AT&T Universal Savings Platinum MasterCard. The introductory rate for the cards is 0% for balance transfers made up to the first twelve months after receiving the card. In addition, the balance transfer fees are waived during the introductory period. Those looking to move their credit balances off of high interest credit cards will find this introductory rate to be very attractive.

In addition to being one of the better balance transfer credit cards in the marketplace, the AT&T Universal Platinum MasterCard has other perks that are appealing to cardholders. For example, the card can be used as both a credit cards and as a calling card. It also provides protection to the cardholder in a variety of ways, such as purchase protection, extended warranty for purchases, fraud and security, protection services, and no liability for unauthorized transactions. The card also provides roadside assistance, auto rental insurance, lost and damaged luggage insurance, and up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance. Other services include medical referral services and legal referral services.

After the introductory rate expires with the AT&T Universal Savings Platinum MasterCard, the APR has a minimum cap of 19.99% for cash advances. The APR on purchases, however, is variable and based on the Prime Rate. There are no annual fees with this card and additional cardholders can be added to the account for no fee. The minimum credit limit allowed with the card is $500 and the maximum credit limit is $100,000. If a cardholder goes over the limit, there is a $35 fee.

When the introductory period is over, there is 3% fee for balance transfers with a $5 minimum and a $75 maximum. Cash advance fees are also 3% of the advance with a $5 minimum. There is no maximum fee for cash advances.

A balance transfer fee may apply with this offer. See site for more details.

(Review Date: January 14, 2014)