BBB Warns Consumers About Credit Report Scam

MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a new credit card scam. It involves thieves stealing people’s debit and credit cards and using them to purchase credit reports which show the consumer’s personal information. The fraud was discovered when numerous phone calls were received from North Alabama residents who noticed charges from credit agencies.  The residents reported being charged $19.95 or more for a credit report that they did not purchase.

The Better Business Bureau suggests that consumers who see these types of charges call the phone number listed next to the merchant’s name on their credit card statement. Also, they state that you should be aware that they will ask you for your name and credit card number in order to locate the transaction.

If you see these types of charges, you should also contact the Federal Trade Commission. This enables the FTC to identify patterns so that they can investigate the source of the data breach.