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Our blog provides very timely, specific and highly relevant information about the most recent credit card happenings, keeping our users up to date on a daily basis with the latest credit card-related news, newest credit card offerings, and other timely credit-related information. provides information about a wide variety of credit card categories, including low interest credit cards, airline, balance transfer, cash back, student, business, reward and instant approval credit cards. The information provided about each card category is tremendously useful in helping our users determine which type of card is best suited for their needs.

We also provide information about each of the major credit card issuers, including American Express, J.P. Morgan (Chase), Citibank, Discover and many others. This allows users to look at each bank or credit card issuer’s credit card offers in a side by side comparison.

Once you have decided on the right credit card type or card issuer, we present over 100 credit card offers with reviews and recommendations about the various offers. Armed with this type of valuable information, consumers can make an objective choice about the best credit card option for their needs.

Our mission at is to provide YOU with the most comprehensive source of information about the credit card marketplace. We have provided thousands of credit card shoppers (just like you) with specific, relevant and timely information about the credit card world, helping you, and consumers just like you, navigate the credit card world.

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Shawn July 29, 2011 at 11:35 pm

I am a graduate student at the University of Hawaii conducting a research survey on credit card debt and advertising. I am attempting to get as many volunteers as possible. The survey is completely anonymous, takes around 10-15 minutes, and I will post the data on my website after the collection is complete this September. The address is
Thank you — Shawn


Tamara October 18, 2011 at 10:59 am

I have 7 credit cards, 4 of which will be paid down to 30% by the end of the year and 2 have an annual fee that I want to close. I know they say you shouldn't close accounts, but I can have those 2 paid off before the annual fee is due again. Is it ok to close them?
I've been told to have credit cards paid down to 30-40% off and I'm working towards that, but 3 of them will take longer than end of year.
I need to buy a car by the end of the year, mine keeps breaking down and I want to do as much good as I can to get the lowest possible interest rate. Aside from my mortgage, these cards are the only debt I have equaling about $9K.
Is what I'm doing going to help: paying 2 down to 30%, closing 2 with annual fees … even with the other 3? Also, how long does it take credit cards to report to your credit report?
Thank you


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