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American Express Files Lawsuit Against Artist Nelly

by on December 28, 2011

ST. LOUIS – American Express filed a lawsuit against rap star Nelly to try to collect the $20,403.64 he currently owes the company. Nelly certainly isn’t alone. Other celebs have had trouble with things like tax debts in the past, so an issue like this isn’t a surprise.

American Express has been working to get Nelly’s payment for months, and given that he has already sold millions of albums and is still working as a music producer, income shouldn’t be too much of an issue for him.

If he is found guilty, American Express has also asked that he be held responsible for their court costs and lawyer’s fees in the case. With a hearing scheduled for January 9, the outcome will soon be known, and many believe Nelly will be held responsible for the debts he incurred and charged to the card.

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