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Brooks Brothers Forces Credit Card On Consumer

by on September 9, 2011

In the credit card market, the rule is always “buyer beware.”  Consumers should always be wary of each and every credit or store card that is offered to them.  Even at a high-end retailer, the consumer should always thoroughly investigate a card offer for issues in the fine print.  Sales people may still press for a credit card commitment.

One consumer reports having experienced this type of pressure at Brooks Brothers.  He was interested in signing up for an in-store line of credit.  This program offered some rewards as an incentive but was not a traditional credit card.  The salesperson pressed for the “other” type of card which was a credit card.  The consumer said he declined but still received the credit card in the mail.

If this happens to you, do what this consumer did.  Call and cancel the card immediately.  Report the issue to the individual store and the home office.  If you feel your wishes were ignored or your information fraudulently used, include the Better Business Bureau and perhaps your local police in your list of calls.

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