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In our “New Card Offer Reviews” blog section, we examine the latest credit card offers being introduced by card issuers. We review the very latest cards being rolled out by card issuers, banks and department stores and we compare them side-by-side with similar offers to give our readers the very best new card information possible.

We also examine the more controversial credit card products and services, including the latest debit cards, student credit cards and brand new rewards programs being tested in the marketplace. At Credit Card Assist, we work hard to provide our users with the latest, most up-to-date credit card product and services information available.

Is Bieber’s SpendSmart a Prepaid Debit Card We Can Actually Belieb In?

April 23, 2013

Canadian teen-pop superstar Justin Bieber has endorsed all kinds of products, from nail polish and perfume to marijuana (okay, so that one was unofficial). But now he’s backing a decidedly more grown-up thing – financial literacy. Yes, The Biebs just inked a $3.75 million endorsement deal with a prepaid debit card company whose stated goal […]

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New Battery-Powered Credit Card Offers Bizarre Menagerie of Rewards

October 31, 2012

Would you rather have a standard plastic credit card with an awesome rewards scheme or an advanced robotic credit card that has lame rewards? That may sound like the kind of thing bankers ask one another at cocktail parties, but this is exactly the dilemma many consumers will find themselves facing this week with the […]

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Meet MasterCard’s Newest Target Demographic – Meth Addicts

September 10, 2012

If you’re struggling to recover from a year-long meth addiction, MasterCard would like you to know that it’s here to help. This week, the financial monolith will start distributing assistance in the form of a new prepaid debit card designed to keep recovering addicts on the straight and narrow. It’s called the Next Step card, […]

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Is the Public Dumb Enough to Buy a “Middle-Class” Prepaid Debit Card?

September 3, 2012

At first blush, a prepaid debit card for consumers who already have real debit cards seems like the kind of idea that gets someone kicked out of the board room. Don’t tell that to Kaiku Finance, though. This week, the California-based financial firm announced its intention to issue a prepaid Kaiku Card aimed at middle-class […]

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Will the Bitcoin Credit Card Fly or Flop?

August 31, 2012

Bitcoin. It’s the most popular community-backed currency on the Internet. Beloved by tech gurus and black-market vendors alike, it gives people a truly secure way to spend their money off-the-grid and away from the prying eyes of banks and regulatory agencies. And now, apparently, it’s coming to a credit card near you. This week, the […]

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Avoid the New Chase Liquid Prepaid Debit Card

August 10, 2012

Recently, Business Insider gave a glowing review to Chase’s new prepaid debit card, the Liquid. Unfortunately, it seems that Business Insider is easily impressed. While the site concludes that the Liquid “actually looks like a decent product,” we got our hands on the card’s terms and conditions and came away with a completely different impression. […]

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Brawk! Russian Version of the Angry Birds Credit Card Released

June 13, 2012

Farmville isn’t the only popular video game cashing in on the branded credit card craze. Everyone’s favorite feathered characters, the Angry Birds, now have their own credit card as well. On June 4th, 50,000 credit cards featuring portraits of the game’s cast of petulant fowl made their way into the hands of Russian fans with […]

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American Express Rolls Out FarmVille Prepaid Card

May 30, 2012

While other credit card issuers are still trying to figure out how this Internet machine works, American Express has just opened its doors in one of the most popular towns in social media – FarmVille. As part of its ongoing campaign to market itself to young, socially networked consumers, the company launched a new card […]

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Reviewing Bank of America’s 3 New Travel Credit Cards

May 14, 2012

Now that summer is knocking on the door, credit card companies are eagerly throwing their hats into the travel credit card ring. This week, Bank of America introduced a brand-new lineup of travel-based credit cards. According to the company, these three new cards give customers access to travel rewards without making them jump through the […]

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Chase and LivingSocial Team Up with New Card Offer

May 10, 2012

The deal site LivingSocial is joining forces with Chase to create a new credit card, the LivingSocial Rewards Visa Card. It will give users special cardholder only benefits and have added value for LivingSocial users who make certain purchases. Card members will be able to earn points at a faster rate. Five points are earned […]

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