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Costs of Elective and Cosmetic Procedure Medical Credit Cards

by on August 31, 2011

One of the latest trends for credit card issuers to attract new customers is the medical credit card.  These cards are marketed to people wanting elective or cosmetic procedure not typically covered by insurance.  They may even be advertised at the vet’s office!

These cards supposedly give these patients a means of paying off an expensive procedure over time while making sure the physician still gets paid on time.  While this may sound like an excellent solution to a difficult problem, these cards can have some costs that you might not see right away.

Before you buy into a card you found at the doctor’s or vet’s office, check out the company and the terms.  Don’t put your trust in the card just because you trust your doc.  Ask the medical provider if there are any other options besides credit cards for paying over time when services are not covered by insurance.  This may help you avoid high fees and APRs.

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