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Creating Value In Our Lives Through Savings

by on June 18, 2011

Creating Value In Our Lives Through Savings

Deep into the longest economic downturn in decades, American consumers are well aware of how important the term value is to their financial well-being.  Value can be found in less expensive goods and services but value can be created by minimizing expenses and saving money.

Rachel Wait from writes about six tips that are easy to follow and effective in creating value through savings.

First and foremost, having a budget is a crucial part of saving money. A clear view of financial transactions enables a person to acknowledge the resources truly available. Tools such as’s budget tracking tool make bookkeeping more convenient.

Necessities can easily be prioritized with Mint’s budgeting tools and nonessential spending habits can be easily be targeted and minimized.

According to Rachel, one should look out for easy, quick ways to save money like cheaper car insurance, for example.

Most importantly, stopping the accumulation of compound interest on your revolving debt, if you have any, is absolutely critical.   Balance transfer credit cards with extended zero interest APR’s are one thing to consider.

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