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Dead Man’s Credit Cards Stolen And Used By His “Friends”

by on October 11, 2011

It’s tough to be dead, especially when instead of notifying the authorities that you’ve expired, your buddies throw you into the back of a car to take you out partying on your dime.

Mark Rubinson and Robert Young found Jeffry Jarrett dead in his home. They promptly put him in the back of the car, and headed to a bar and grill with his credit card, which they used to buy drinks. Then they headed to another restaurant to buy a few more drinks on his credit card.

They must have gotten tired of dragging a corpse around, so they took him home and carefully placed him in his bed, but then headed to yet another restaurant to buy more food and drinks. From there, they headed to a strip club, withdrew $400, and hung out at the club until it closed.

After that, they talked to a police officer to let them know Jarrett had actually died, and the entire night of partying began to catch up with them.

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