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Diplomatic Talks To Be Held Between WikiLeaks and Visa Europe

by on November 21, 2011

LONDON – If Visa Europe will begin processing donations from WikiLeaks supporters again, the controversial website will begin releasing confidential documents once more. Talks are set to take place this week between site officials and Visa Europe at the Icelandic embassy in London.

WikiLeaks began experiencing financial difficulties last month after credit card companies began blocking supporter donations from processing. The financing problem came to fruition after the US Government became concerned that the releases themselves were risking citizens’ lives.

Iceland has taken a leadership role in ending the blockade in Europe. WikiLeaks has business ties with the country, and Ambassador Benedikt Jonsson offered to help the company attempt to resolve the dispute with Visa Europe.

While Visa Europe has refused to discuss the actual meeting, they have said merchants that accept Visa payments must abide by their regulations and applicable laws in any countries where they do business. The controversial site’s lawyer confirmed the meeting would take place, but said nothing more.

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