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Donations to Political Website Being Flagged as Fraudulent by Capital One

by on May 22, 2012

Recently there has been a flurry of reports about insecure campaign donation websites and the potential for fraud. The newest report is about the website, Friends of Scott Walker, who is the Wisconsin governor fighting an effort to recall him.  MaryAnn Nellis, a retired teacher in upstate New York, had her credit card denied while trying to purchase groceries.

She later found out that an earlier purchase was flagged as possibly fraudulent. The purchase was a $5 donation to the Friends of Scott Walker website.  However, Nellis did not make a donation and disputed the charge. She was then issued a new card. Capital One informed Nellis that they watch for fraudulent merchants that put through numerous charges that are not legitimate. This time the merchant was Friends of Scott Walker.

Donations made to Friends of Scott Walker with an American Express card were not flagged as fraudulent. Neither was a donation to Walker’s opponent. The Walker campaign simply stated that it does not comment on internal matters.

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