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Electronic Bill Pay Best Way to Prevent Those Late Fees

by on December 28, 2011

Are you still paying your credit card bill with a check delivered by the postal system? If so, there are other options that can help you pay your bills on time and more conveniently.

There are two ways to ways to pay bills electronically. The first is through the bill payment built into the credit card companies’ website. This allows the card holder to log into the site and schedule a payment. The second option is to use the website of the bank that maintains their checking account. If you schedule your payment through your checking account, you can first view your balance and the other payments you may need to make.

There are a few things you should learn and remember when using electronic bill payment. First, be sure how to use all the features of the bill pay program.  Second, be sure to know how long the payment will take and when it will be received by the credit card company.

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