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Even With Improved Security, Credit Cards Still At Risk

by on September 28, 2011

Merchants are always looking for ways to improve credit card processing technology so they don’t have to deal with the extensive PCI regulations that are ever more expensive just to prevent credit card theft.

While these new technologies are a great way to help prevent theft of credit card data, the reality is that credit cards are always going to be a target for thieves and hackers, and no single technology is going to put an end to that.

Many companies are working hard to develop new systems, and they market them to merchants as the one way to end credit card theft at a particular establishment. Unfortunately, there just aren’t any single system solutions to ending credit card theft.

It’s great to add more security, but there are so many different ways that credit cards can be stolen, it would be impossible to completely mitigate risk at any one establishment with any single technology.

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