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Eventbrite iPad App Makes It Possible To Buy Tickets At the Door

by on April 23, 2012

Eventbrite may very well reach $1 billion in gross ticket sales this year. Last year, they doubled the number of tickets they sold as well as the number of events on their platform, and this year, they may just reach their goal thanks to their new iPad app that goes with a credit card reader.

Dubbed “At the Door Card Reader,” the new device plugs into the iPad’s dock connector port, and users can swipe credit cards with it, allowing people to buy tickets right at the door, a process that wasn’t previously possible on the Eventbrite system. Along with the app, this technology not only allows for ticket sales, but it also gives organizers a chance to collect more information for marketing purposes.

Eventbrite has said that this technology could allow event organizers to process up to four hundred transactions per hour, and by connection to the 30-pin iPad adapter, you get a more efficient swipe each time. It’s even possible to wirelessly integrate it with the Star TSP143 printer for tickets and receipts.

With technology like this on hand, Eventbrite could easily reach their sales goals this year.

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