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Fort Worth Texas Thief Uses Stolen Credit Card to Buy Gas For Friends

by on November 16, 2011

FORT WORTH, Texas – When you think of a thief stealing a credit card you tend to think of a self-centered act. In Forth Worth, however, one thief did not use a stolen credit card to help himself, but rather used the stolen credit card in order to buy gas for his friends.

The man is believed to have stolen the credit card directly out of a vehicle in Keller, Texas, in December, police have stated. The man then took the credit card to a Sam’s Club and purchased gas for at least two dozen different people. Many of which, police have stated, appear to be friends thanks to the images found on the video surveillance tape located at the station. But the thief didn’t stop there, as he also shopped at a local Walgreens and purchased a variety of things, including mouthwash, socks, and allergy medication.

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