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KFC and Radio Shack Card Scam

by on February 17, 2007

A recent arrest out of Louisiana just epitomizes how creative and devious that credit card thieves can actually be. Apparently, a KFC employee that was working the drive through window was writing down the account information from the credit cards of customers paying with plastic. She then used the cards to charge up to ten thousand dollars worth of products at her local Radio Shack.

Fast food employees stealing customer credit card information is, unfortunately, nothing new, and actually, quite common. In fact, I’ve posted several times already about other very similar schemes that did essentially the exact same thing. What makes this story unique is her partner in crime.

It seems that an employee at the aforementioned Radio Shack was well aware that the card information was stolen but she let the charges go through. Why, you may wonder? Well, while the two ladies weren’t friends or even acquaintances, it seems the gal at Radio Shack was getting paid commission bonuses on all these fraudulent charges. So, she decided to turn the other cheek and let the sales go through, despite knowing the purchases were being made with stolen credit card numbers.

The scheme was quickly uncovered. The Radio Shack girl is facing felony charges, but the KFC card thief has not yet been apprehended. Fortunately for all of us, stupidity can be difficult to hide. Why does it seem like it’s always the fast food employees are the ones stealing card numbers?

Nevertheless, my bet is that the former KFC employee will get caught trying to use one of the already reported stolen credit card numbers.

Stay tuned.

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