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Mobile Payments Could Transform Fundraising

by on December 15, 2011

Mobile credit card processing has been a popular tool for merchants who are on the go, but it may prove just as important for charitable organizations. After all, there are always times when someone might have donated if only they’d had a bit more cash on them. Both Square and Intuit’s GoPayment application may mean a low cost way for people to donate to any fundraiser using any payment method.

There are a number of benefits for organizations that wish to go mobile. Not only do you have the chance to process more donations at almost any event, but you can also look for new events in spots you might not have otherwise considered. What’s more, though, is that the people who do donate may make a larger donation simply because they’re using a credit card.

No matter which payment processor you use, it’s both easy and safe. Just plug the card scanner into the headphone jack of any smartphone, and scan the card. The money ends up in the organization’s bank account, and no credit card data is stored on the device. Payment fees are low, and mobility like this could open up an entirely new world for your organization.

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