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Money Crashers Ranks Top 500 Personal Finance Blogs

by on December 15, 2011

Money CrashersIt seems like everyone wants to tell you how to handle your money these days.  Not too long ago, personal finance blogs were few and far between.  Not anymore.  Just Google “personal finance blog” today and you’ll be hit with 520,000,000 results. This can be truly overwhelming for someone who’s just looking for some simple advice on how to invest their Christmas bonus. Trying to sort out the good advice from the bad seems downright impossible at times.

Our friends over at Money Crashers, Andrew Schrage and Gyutae Park, are here to help with that.  Money Crashers has compiled their own Top 500+ Personal Finance blog list using their own formula (which we won’t pretend to understand) to rank the best personal finance sites utilizing a number of different variables, including Google PageRank, Twitter followers, Klout score, Facebook likes, Alexa and Compete rankings, FeedBurner subscribers and others. When you view the list, you can see how each site ranks across their 13 different scoring categories, the sum of which equals a composite total score. You can filter and rank the list by each separate scoring category as well as by topic categories, including frugality, personal finance, deals, coupons and, of course, credit cards.

As far as the overall rankings go, the results aren’t exactly surprising. The Consumerist is ranked the highest with a composite score 0f 90.09 (as of 12/13/11) with Get Rich Slowly and Wise Bread trailing closely behind. What is surprising, though, is to see how a site’s activity affects its score on a weekly basis. is currently ranked #82 overall (as of 12/13/11), but thanks to a ton of recent activity, including our recent report on debit card risks and other content pieces cited in several high profile media sites, like the San Francisco Chronicle, we boosted our total score significantly.

The list is an amazingly useful tool for consumers. More than giving curious visitors instant access to the best personal finance blogs in the business, the Money Crashers list establishes a solid frame of reference for individuals looking for a trusted source to rank personal finance sites objectively. Consumers don’t have to blindly trust a blog just because it appears near the top of their search results. Now they can cross-check their search result against the Money Crashers list before acting on the advice a blog gives.

We applaud all the hard work that Money Crashers put into compiling this list, and we hope our readers will take the time to check it out. Whether you’re looking for a new contributor to your RSS feed or just want to see where your favorite finance blog ranks, you’re sure to find it very informative.

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