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Prevent Identity Theft By Avoiding These Trouble Spots

by on September 29, 2011

ID theft is a serious problem in this country. In fact, one in ten consumers has already been a victim of this serious crime. Those who do commit this offense, though, know exactly where to look, and being careful in each of these places can reduce your risk of being a victim in the future.

Restaurants, retail stores, and supermarkets are big hotspots. Skimmers can fit inside someone’s pocket, so paying with cash is the best possible idea in places like these. Online is another spot that you may become a victim of ID theft. You can avoid this problem by only using secure websites. Updated SSL certificates are an absolute must, and don’t send out personal information via email.

ATMs can also be dangerous. There have been hundreds of cases where someone put a skimmer inside an ATM, so look carefully of suspicious ATMs. Look for telling spots that could hold pinhole cameras or those with scuffs on the machine.

Watch your mail as well. Make certain you hand your bills directly to the mailman to keep people from raiding your mailbox.  If you’re traveling, hang on to your wallet carefully. You may even want to carry prepaid cards to avoid identity theft entirely in these situations.

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