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Retailers Continue To Suffer From Skimming Problems

by on December 6, 2011

While personal information stolen online is a real problem for many, credit card theft that takes place offline is also a serious issue. Consumers have recently experienced a number of cases of skimming, even in big name stores. The most recent incident occurred in Save Mart, the parent company of Lucky grocery stores. They discovered credit card skimmers in 20 different self-check lanes throughout San Francisco. While they moved quickly to deal with the problem, it leaves many wondering how consumers can protect themselves today.

One of the newest facets of the problem is criminal groups employing waiters and others to steal credit card information from consumers. Recently a group of 28 people were indicted in New York for their role in a credit card theft ring that employed seven waiters to steal information from higher-limit credit cards.

Skimmers aren’t the only threat to those who use credit and debit cards either. RFID card skimming can take place without a customer ever taking his card out of his wallet, and that may make skimming far more difficult to fight.

Security experts have suggested that the best form of protection is simply remaining aware of the problem.

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