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Senator Durbin Suggests That Customers Leave Bank of America

by on October 12, 2011

Outraged that people are blaming him for the amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act that has led Bank of America to begin charging fees on debit cards, Senator Dick Durbin has suggested those who are angry about the fees let Bank of America know by leaving the bank completely and finding a better bank that won’t charge them for using their own money.

Durbin has suggested that consumers have a right to outraged, especially in light of the fact that Bank of America has been pushing their debit cards for years. Bank of America is trying to make up for the lost revenue that comes when retailers no longer have to pay 44 cents per transaction on debit cards thanks to Durbin’s amendment.

Durbin said he is still honored to be connected with the bill. He hopes that it will prove fair to everyone involved in the long run because the banking industry is in desperate need of balance.

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