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Skimming Device Found In Gulf Shores AL Poses Danger to Shoppers

by on January 2, 2012

GULF SHORES, Ala.- Credit Card skimming is back in the news after an earlier story about a Silverhill man arrested by Gulf Shores police for placing and using a skimmer. The man allegedly installed a skimming device on bank ATMs and a hidden miniature camera would record the customer’s PIN.

Skimming devices can be used anywhere, such as gas pumps or card readers in stores. Unscrupulous employees could also use a handheld skimming device before handing a customer back their card.

According to ADT Security Services, more than 3 million people have been victims of skimming at ATMs. The average loss was around $1,000. Fortunately, due to fraud protection plans, individuals are usually refunded the stolen money. However, it is a loss for the banking institution.

When using an ATM, look for anything out of the ordinary. If the faceplate does not look right, then report it to the bank manager. Also, remember to swipe your card and while entering your PIN, cover with your other hand. This will prevent your PIN from being recorded.

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