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Terrorists Use Stolen Credit Card Information to Fund Activities

by on July 10, 2007

Even terrorists are getting involved with the credit card fraud and manipulation business. In fact, a Somali immigrant that was recently accused of making plots to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio stated that he provided stolen credit card information to another man – a man that has been accused of purchasing items for al-Qaeda.

Terrorists use stolen credit cardsAccording to the attorney of the Somali immigrant, the statements were only made because the man felt he had to “say anything” in order to get the government to stop questioning him. “He basically after a while just started telling them whatever they wanted to hear,” his attorney said.

In addition to facing charges of plotting to blow up the mall, the man is also facing charges for providing support to terrorists because of his little credit card transgression. He also faces charges of using travel documents that were false. All told, he faces a possibility of 80 years in prison.

The man’s lawyer claims that there is no evidence that the credit card information was used to purchase items. According to an assistant to the U.S. attorney, however, there is evidence to suggest that the card information was used to purchase a GPS watch, a laptop, a laser range finder and more. All of these items were allegedly purchased with the intent of providing them to al-Qaeda.

The man claims to be innocent, however, and has turned down all plea bargains offered by the government.

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