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Cash Advance Thief Eluding Authorities

by on September 16, 2007

In the town of Orleans in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, police have been trying to catch up with a slippery thief that has been making cash advances fraudulently at a variety of different banks with phony credit cards while successfully eluding authorities.

It seems that the man, who calls himself Feng Lin, has been taking out fraudulent cash advances of anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 at a time. Most recently, the man attempted to make withdrawals at one bank but was delayed when a teller recognized his name on the identification card she gave him. The teller then purposely entered the wrong credit card number when inputting it into her computer so she could tell Lin that he would have to wait.

Lin did wait until he saw two Brinks Security guards enter the building. Scared off by the arrival of security, Lin fled the scene but left behind his driver’s license and his phony credit card.

According to authorities, the man had gone on a bit of a spree before fleeing the bank with the alert teller. In fact, during a 90 minute span of time, he took additional cash advances from four different banks.

This isn’t the first time Lin got away from authorities in just the nick of time. In fact, authorities report that he had used a fake credit card in June in the same way, though he only hit up one bank at the time. Just minutes after the teller handed the money over to Lin, the teller was called by a Wisconsin bank representative to inform the bank that the card in question had been stolen.

Authorities are unsure of where the credit card and the driver’s license were made, though they are looking into a crime ring located in the Chinatown area of New York City. Authorities believe that underground driver’s licenses and credit cards are being made here and are then sent across New England.

Let’s just hope this guy is caught before he steals some more money – and that investigators are able to take down the entire ring of thieves!

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