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TSA in Newark Find Credit Card Knife on Passenger

by on November 30, 2011

NEWARK, New Jersey — The Transportation Authority Administration (TSA) team in Newark received an extra Thanksgiving surprise when they found a makeshift knife on a potential passenger. The knife was made to look like a credit card, and it was hidden deep inside the passenger’s wallet so that it would not be detected. However, highly trained screeners for the TSA spotted the knife during a routine X-ray examination of the passenger’s carry-on bag.

The airport security agency said that the knife was hidden in the passenger’s wallet, in between real credit cards. Upon closer examination of the wallet, they were able to locate the weapon. As of this time, no arrest has been made and the passenger’s name has not been released to the public.

The facts are unclear as to why the passenger was carrying the knife, what flight he or she was on, or if there was a plan of harm to other passengers.

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