British Woman Settles Lawsuit with Lloyds TBS for Faulty Implants

An unnamed British woman in her 40’s has received £3,700 from Lloyds TBS after using her credit card to pay for breast augmentation surgery, which used potentially faulty Poly Implant Prothese. The French manufacturer of the implants is no longer in business. Last year thousands of women found out that they could have received the faulty implants and were urged to seek medical advice immediately.

The woman involved visited a clinic last September when she found a lump in her breast. The check-up showed that her implants had ruptured, and she was told to contact her credit card company since the French manufacturer had gone out of business.

Many women worry about what they should do about their implants and how they can afford the medical care needed. NHS guidelines suggest that anyone who thinks they have received faulty implants see their physician immediately. A scan is used to determine the type of implants received.