Canadian Couple Charged With Card Fraud Now Facing Child Pornography Charges

CALGARY, Canada- A man who moved out of an apartment after a large fire is now one of the main victims in a massive credit card skimming operation. Victor Frolov had his identity stolen by a couple that moved into the apartment he had been living in. Curtis Douglas Keller and Amanda McHugh de Bakker, both 19, face multiple charges stemming from the fraud. Now police have charged the couple with possession and accessing of child pornography.

Keller faces 133 charges that include identity theft, 11 charges of using or possessing fraudulent credit card data, 10 charges of fraud under $5,000, 18 charges of illegal use of a credit card, and numerous other besides the child pornography charges. De Bakker also face child pornography charges along with possessing instruments for copying credit card data and trafficking ecstasy (MDMA).

Police are urging anyone who lives in the building where Keller and De Bakker were living and think they have been a victim of credit card fraud, to contact Crime Stoppers right away.