Car Dealership Employee Uses Stolen Credit Card to Buy Car

According to a recent report out of the state of New York, an employee at a car dealership stole the credit card information from a customer and actually used it to buy a car from another car dealer with the stolen information.

It seems that this lady, only 20 years old, was working at a Honda dealership. She blatantly took advantage of her position and the fact that she had access to sensitive information when she swiped the credit card account information from the office fax machine. A customer had faxed in his information and was in the process of trying to pay for some items from her dealership, but the employee had other ideas.

Armed with the stolen information, the dealership employee made a down payment of $2,500 on a car for herself. She also used the credit card to rack up another $3,230.69 in charges at various locations. She made these purchases during the period of time ranging from August 26 to September 7 before her spending spree was put to an end.

The thief was finally arrested on the 12th and was charged with identity theft, receiving stolen property and grand larceny. Both charges are felonies. Hopefully, this lady will feel the full wrath of the law.

This story is yet another that illustrates the importance of checking over your credit card statement and doing so right away. According to reports, this lady was busted only after the cardholder looked over his statement and noticed unauthorized charges. His quick action put an end to this spending spree right away before this lady could make even more of a mess out of his financial situation.