Card Skimming Scam Affecting Many in Chattanooga and Riverview Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.- There is a credit card scam affecting numerous residents, but how it is happening has not been worked out. Customers of Regions, Bank of American, and First Tennessee have all reported unauthorized charges. It is believed that the perpetrators are using a skimming device that steals credit card information.

Stacie Bohanan, an FBI spokeswoman, would neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation into the recent credit card fraud, but did say that victims could get information from the Federal Trade Commission. She also suggested that victims get in contact with their bank, place a fraud alert on their credit report, close compromised accounts, file a complaint with the FTC and/or file a police report. Also, the only authorized place to get a free credit report is

One victim of the fraud stated that she used her card at the gas station on Hixson Pike near Las Margaritas and the Walgreens on Frazier Avenue.