Card Skimming Technology Getting Increasingly High Tech

ATLANTA, Ga.- Atlanta is one of the top cities in the country for identity and credit card theft, and the thieves keep getting better at what they do. Many thieves are now using Bluetooth technology to make stealing credit card information even easier.

Instead of having to return to the skimmer that the thieves may have installed earlier, Bluetooth technology allows them to retrieve the credit card information without having to retrieve the skimmer. This makes it easier for scammers to get card numbers and harder for police to catch them.

Police are also concerned about the number of food servers who have been arrested recently for using credit card skimmers. Skimmers are also often attached to an ATM machine and a hidden camera installed to record pin numbers. With this information, credit card thieves can immediately clone a card and start making purchases. Police are urging the public to never use an ATM that looks tampered with and to report it to the bank.