Cardify and Mirth Linking Mobile Payments to Loyalty Programs

Mobile payments are just starting to take off and will, most likely, change the way we all make purchases. However, there is still some room for companies to learn what consumers want most from mobile payments. Some of the newest companies to try linking credit cards with loyalty programs are Mirth and Cardify.

Mirth is a service that is just getting started in New York and currently has no mobile app. However, it does allow a regular of a business to get a set discount when they use their synced credit card. If they visit twice in a month, they are a Mirth regular who can then receive a discount at any Mirth merchant.

Cardify already has an impressive app that allows customers to track their reward points and to see what they could earn. If a customer links their credit and debit cards to their Cardify account, they will earn points for every dollar spent. Both Mirth and Cardify have some great ideas and whoever is able to impress the consumer the most will be the leader in this new industry.