Cardlytics Expands Transaction Marketing for Customers

Cardlytics, well known in the banking sector, is releasing “Cardlytics for Credit”, which is an integrated suite of technology and services. The aim of the technology is to enable financial institutions to leverage transaction marketing. This will give financial institutions the ability to strengthen their relationships with credit card customers.

Cardlytics has an unique advertising platform that allows it to deliver rewards to its customers based on purchasing history, but still protecting customers’ privacy. It was founded in 2008, and has raised over $65 million in venture capital from leading investors. Cardlytics is a pioneer in the field of Transaction-Driven Marketing and could see substantial growth over the next four years.

Lynne Laube, President of Cardlytics, is excited about the expansion of the company into the credit card market. Laube stated, “For years, we have seen our transaction-driven marketing programs crush the performance of traditional channels used by retailers. What is exciting now is to witness how well transaction-marketing addresses the challenges issuing banks face in improving portfolio performance.”