CASELLET Combines Your Wallet and iPhone into One

Many people are looking for something that will combine their wallet and their phone, as many people are tired of carrying both. The CASELLET could be the answer. At $35, it is affordable and is made of durable plastic with a brushed aluminum rear panel. It can hold up to four credit or debit cards, or three cards and some cash. It still allows access to your iPhone’s camera, volume, and mute switch.

The CASELLET does have some very good qualities. It provides good impact protection for your phone and it has a felt lining to ensure it does not scratch the back of your phone. It is also very convenience to just grab one thing when you run out the door instead of constantly searching for and carrying both your wallet and phone.

Unfortunately, the CASELLET does have a few downsides. One very noticeable one is how easy the aluminum rear panel scratches. Also, it can seem very bulky to some as it almost doubles the size of the iPhone. It may be a better device for those who like to carry their phone in a purse or bag and would like to forgo their regular wallet.