Chinese Nationals Arrested for Unlawful Acquisition of Credit Card

CENTERVILLE, Utah- Four men who are believed to be Chinese Nationals, were arrested by Centerville police for credit card fraud. The men are accused of stealing the American Express account number of an employee of Cannon Technology of Great Britain. The employee had recently been on a business trip in Florida.

According to Lt. Paul Child, the four men bought iPads and pre-paid Visa cards at numerous locations from Las Vegas and throughout Utah. Target stores had been notified of the scam and a Centerville Target store called police on Monday after noticing the men purchasing several $500 gift cards with an American Express card. The men were able to leave the store, but were pulled over by police after making an illegal turn. Police found numerous gift cards and cash in the vehicle.

The four suspects were booked into the Davis County Jail and each face charges of unlawful acquisition of a credit card.