City of Fayetteville to Charge Convenience Fee for Credit or Debit Card Use

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.- The city of Fayetteville, AR has plans to start charging a convenience fee for payments made over the Internet. The option of paying with a credit or debit card will allow residents to pay a city bill or register a child for recreation programs or soccer camp, for example. The fee to complete these transactions online will be $3.50.

For residents who do not want to pay the additional fee, the city does accept payments in person or over the phone, even if the person pays using a debit or credit card. Those types of payments will not be affected by the new fee.

According to Lisa Smith, the city’s chief financial officer, the city must pay processing fees to a third party vendor whenever a resident pays with a credit or debit card over the Internet.  Smith states that the city is simply trying to defray the costs of this service. The city does not yet know how much revenue might be generated by the new fees.