Credit Card Fraud Cases Rising Exponentially in Tampa FL

TAMPA, Fla.- With the huge popularity of debit and credit cards and the amount of transactions increasing almost daily, scammers have more opportunities to steal your information. That is exactly what happened to Rhonda Richards. She believes that her information was stolen at a gas station, but she may never find out for sure. According to Cpl. Bruce Crumpler, it could take months or years to figure out who stole Richards’ information.

Crumpler and his eight-detective economic crimes unit are currently investigating 500 identity fraud cases. It can be very difficult to solve these cases. Sometimes information is sold to people living thousands of miles away.

With the ease at which scammers can steal your information, being a victim of identity fraud is likely just a matter of time. Since Richards had her identity stolen, she no longer uses a debit card and pays cash for everything.