Credit Card Sized Computer Shipping Out Now

The long awaited Raspberry Pi has just started shipping out to customers, and at a cost of just $35, it seems like an amazing deal. While it may be a fraction of the size of even your tablet or netbook, it certainly packs a powerful punch. It can even connect to your television if you like, which could be a real plus for teachers and other educators.

If you’re excited about the shrinking size of technology, you’re not alone. These are seriously popular machines. When preorders started, the servers were pulled offline because of the number of orders. There are currently two models in production, but just Model B is available at the moment. It comes with an Ethernet port as well as one extra USB port. Both have 256 MB RAM.

The graphic capabilities may only be that of an Xbox 1, but as the technology continues to advance, the features you’re looking for are certain to be on the horizon too.