Embossed Numbers On Credit Cards Are Here To Stay

Even as technology seems to be creating new ways to use credit cards almost daily, the major credit card companies are clinging to the embossed numbers on their credit cards. Many experts believe that the raised numbers are out of date as EMV cards and contactless technology grows daily. However, companies like Visa and MasterCard still believe the embossed numbers are important for consumers.

Regular credit cards can be accepted around the world. Even though technology is moving quickly, there are still many spots around the globe that do not yet have the ability to accept EMV chips or have contactless technology in place. Also, older card readers take an imprint of the card and that is only possible with the embossed numbers. It is also a security protection because writing the number of a card down could lead to fraudulent purchases.

Technology will keep evolving and making it even easier to make purchases with your credit card, but it will probably also keep those embossed numbers on the front.

Source: http://www.compareprepaid.co.uk/cards/credit-cards/05/2012/credit-card-companies-cling-to-embossed-numbers/