Hawaiian Police Warn Big Island Residents of New Credit Card Scam

HAWAII COUNTY, Hawaii- Police are warning residents of the Big Island of a new credit card scam that was discovered recently. In a press release on Monday, police state that a caller will claim to be from the credit card’s Security and Fraud department and is inquiring about a questionable charge on the person’s credit card.

The caller will then provide the correct credit card number and card holder’s address and claims to credit their account for the fraudulent purchase. To make the call seem legitimate, the caller will give out a control number for tracking the investigation into the fraudulent charges.

Finally, the caller asks for the three digit security code printed on the back of the credit card to check that the card is actually in the card holder’s possession.  Once the caller has this number, they can start to make real fraudulent charges with the credit card.

If you receive a call similar to this, simply hang up. Then be sure to call your credit card company with a legitimate number printed on the card.

Source: http://www.bigislandvideonews.com/2012/05/08/police-warn-of-credit-card-scam/