iCache to Launch Digital Wallet, The Geode

The iCache Geode is more than just a case for your iPhone, it is also a digital wallet with a new feature. The Geode has a rewritable magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Once the user has installed the corresponding app on their phone, they are able to store their credit card information on their smartphones, which can write it onto the GeoCard.

This means that your Geode can be whatever credit card you want it to be, meaning far fewer cards to bring with you. It also helps to eliminate the loyalty cards most people are always carrying. The Geode has an e-ink display, which can display the bar codes for the loyalty cards that are stored in the app.

Production on the mobile wallet will happen in the United States and the price for the device is $199. iCache has also been looking at a few customers suggestions including more colorful cases and a way to carry an ID in the device.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2012/06/01/icache-geode-now-available/