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Credit Cards | Compare the Top Credit Card Offers is your expert guide to help you compare the top credit card offers available online. With a wide selection to rate and choose from, you can search and compare airline, business, low interest, balance transfer, reward, instant approval, prepaid, student and cash back cards.

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CitiBank - Citibank has an outstanding selection of cards with low ongoing APR’s, no annual fees and attractive balance transfer offers. Citi has undoubtedly one of the widest, most diverse selections of card offers of any issuer, including offers such as the Citi Platinum Select, Citi Dividend Platinum, and the Diamond Preferred card.

American Express - American Express has a variety of outstanding card products to choose from including the Platinum Card, Blue Cash Everyday, Gold Rewards, Green Rewards all with excellent APR’s, added features and access to the American Express Membership Rewards program.

Discover® - Discover Cards offer low rate intro APR’s, no annual fees and cash back credit rewards, including up to 5% on gas purchases. You can choose from a wide variety of optional card designs as well.

MasterCard - MasterCard is recognized as one of the most accepted credit cards worldwide. Owned by more than 20,000 member organizations, MasterCard serves its customers in more than 210 countries, processing close to 16 million transactions a day in 183 currencies.

Visa - Visa is recognized as one of the world\'s most recognizable brands around the world. Visa cards offer convenience, reliability and unparalleled acceptance in over 150 countries. And you can get cash with Visa cards at nearly 850,000 ATMs worldwide with Visa’s Global ATM Network.

How You Can Select the Right Card Offer:

As consumers, we are faced with so many card options it can feel overwhelming and hard to make sense of it all. Having to face these seemingly limitless options, how can you possibly tell what type of credit solution is best for your unique circumstance? So how do you go about selecting the right offer? What type of card would be most suitable for you? Is a charge card, an unsecured card, or maybe even a prepaid card the best for you? Which type of card makes the most sense for your situation?

After deciding on the best card type, then you have to decide on what type of features you’ll need. Will you need a low interest rate? Will you need to transfer an existing card balance? Do you want a card with reward features such as cash back, airline miles, retail discounts or gift certificates? Which card issuer offers the best deals and why? But most importantly, what’s the best card offer out there that you can possibly get? is an outstanding resource for people looking to research, compare and apply online for the best offers available. We have one of the deepest selections of articles, tips, recommendations and free information about credit-related topics available anywhere online. Along with the wide variety of articles, the blog is updated daily, including the latest news on the credit world, the “ins and outs” of how to properly navigate the credit process as well as updates on all of the new cards being made available in the marketplace. Our editorial team is constantly scouring the Web looking for the best possible card offers available anywhere.

Our goal at is to aggregate and organize as much information about the card marketplace as possible so we can arm you to make the right decision. We are constantly monitoring the card market so we can provide you with the best reviews, recommendations and offers available online or anywhere else. All of our product recommendations are displayed “side by side” making comparisons of interest rates, annual fees, rewards and other features, quick, simple and very easy.

You can search our directory by choosing from the “Search by Card Type” or “Search by Card Issuer” in the navigation menus at the top of this page. After selecting the most appropriate card type, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a card offer that is most suitable for your needs. Remember, every card is different and every credit situation is unique so be sure to examine and compare each card and closely read through the terms and conditions of each offer, no matter which one you ultimately decide on.

Rest assured that any of your personal information that you supply on the application pages that we are linked to will always be safe at All of the links to application pages from card issuers that are provided at utilize 100% secure 128 bit SSL Encryption, ensuring that any of your personal information will be safe at all times throughout the entire application process.

Once you’ve found the card that works best for you, you can apply quickly and easily with an online application. In some instances, you can get a credit decision and instant approval within 60 seconds! is your expert guide to the very best card offers online. So search, compare and apply online for the offer that’s just right for you!