Instant Approval Credit Cards
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Instant Approval Credit Cards

We have listed a variety of the very best instant approval credit card offers available below.

BuyRight PrePaid MasterCard®
  • Get access to your money up to 2 days faster* with Free Direct Deposit
  • New — Choose your card design at no cost
  • Guaranteed Rewards - Earn when you spend for Prepaid Cell Minutes, iTunes, RedBox, Starbucks and More**
  • Online Billpay - pay bills, rent, or write personal checks
  • No credit check, No bounced check fees, No overdraft fees - Ever!
  • Travel in style - Rent cars, reserve hotels, shop online safely.
Introductory Period Info
Regular APR
Annual Fee
Credit Needed
$7.95* (Monthly)
No Credit Check*

Editor's Review: The BuyRight Prepaid MasterCard® from MetaBank, is considered a stored value card and is built for those looking for an attractive rewards program on a prepaid card ...more info

Instant approval credit cards (or online approval credit cards as they're sometimes referred to) are available both online and over the phone. You can search, compare and apply for many of the top credit cards right here at

Getting an instant approval card offer online can significantly cut down the waiting period to receive the actual card and the process is much more convenient than applying for cards the old-fashioned way with hand written applications. A process that used to take weeks has been cut down to days with new technology that provides the platform to instantly approve credit cards.

When applying for these type of cards, the online approval process typically happens within a matter of minutes or even just a few seconds. The applicant provides basic personal information and the card issuer will pull their credit report online to make an instant authorization, determining whether or not the applicant is worthy of their card. If your credit is good enough, you can get approval instantly online (imagine that!) or you can get it over the phone as well.

While the actual approval will only take a few minutes, you'll actually have to wait to physically receive the credit card, which will be sent by mail and should only take a few days. In some cases, a more in-depth look at the applicant's credit may be required because of instances of "questionable" credit. In those instances, applicants will generally be notified by mail within 7-10 days on average.

Historically, instant credit cards have been reserved for people with at least good to excellent credit so not everyone will qualify for them. These days, however, the competition for customers within the credit market is so fierce that card issuers sometimes allow prospects with less than perfect credit to obtain one. So regardless of your credit history, there is no reason not to apply.

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