Internet Pastor Ronald Weinland Faces Charges of Tax Evasion

COVINGTON, Ohio- An Internet pastor is in court to face charges of tax evasion. Ronald Weinland is accused of using church money to pay for his lavish lifestyle and not paying income taxes. According to US Attorney Robert McBride, the Weinland family had over $500,000 of personal expenses paid for by the Church between 2004 and 2008. McBride also stated that Weinland did not pay $244,00 in federal income taxes in that time frame either.

Weinland formed his congregation in 2000, but had no building to meet in, so he started streaming his sermons over the Internet. Weinland believes that the world is in its final days and that the beginning of the end was May 27 of this year.

A majority of the government’s case is based on credit card charges. Weinland is accused of charging personal and business expenses with the card, only to have the church pay these bills in full each month.