Is Access to Airport Lounges Really Worth It?

Analyst Cathleen McCarthy recently answered a question about airport lounges and whether they are worth getting a new credit card in order to access them. McCarthy stated that it often depends on where you are flying and which card you carry.

Her top picks are the Delta Airlines lounges. In Atlanta, there are nine Sky Clubs available, with at least one on each concourse. There is also a new renovated Sky Club that is 16,000 square feet. Sky Clubs also include access to satellite television, free Wi-Fi, wireless printers, and charging stations. They also have an open bar, and offer amenities such as coffee and snacks.

Often times, it can take some time to earn the elite membership needed to grant access to the airport lounges. Often it can be up to 25,000 miles flown per year, although some cards will waive that requirement. Be sure to look into the requirements thoroughly for whichever card you apply for.