Jo-Ann Fabrics Platinum Mastercard

Are you someone who just can’t get enough of sewing and crafting? If so, the Jo-Ann Fabrics Platinum Mastercard just may be the perfect card for you! The Jo-Ann Fabrics Platinum Mastercard is a reward credit card that fits nicely into the lifestyle of any craft and sewing fanatic. As with all reward credit cards, you get a nice incentive for using the card. In this case, “creative cash” toward your next project.

In order to earn creative cash with your Jo-Ann Fabrics Platinum Mastercard, all you need to do is spend! For every dollar you spend at Jo-Ann Fabrics, you earn five points toward your creative cash. Every other dollar you spend still earns you one dollar.

Once you have accumulated a total of 1,000 points, you receive ten dollars in creative cash. This cash comes in the form of a card that is automatically sent to you that is good at any Jo-Ann Fabrics store. For every 500 dollars you spend after the first 1,000, you receive an additional five dollars in creative cash. As an added bonus, you also get a ten dollar card after your first balance transfer or purchase.

With over 800 stores spread throughout 47 different states, you will have no problem finding a Jo-Ann Fabrics store to spend and to earn the creative cash you need to keep your creative juices flowing!


  1. I just got my second letter offering me a Jo-ann platinum mastercard. All i have to do is logon to I have tried and tried, i can not get any thing to come up undere this web site. I went to Jo-ann and got nothing there. I have a code to put in to get this card but can't get to the site to do it.

  2. I have gotten several offers for this card and they caught me in a weak moment. What a hassle. I will shred this thing as soon as I get it!!

  3. barclay has changed the way they do things, i just cancelled my credit card through them, i wanted it to purchase at jo anns but no more, bm

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